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13 Pitmasters BBQ Sauce
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-  STEAK  -

A good steak should taste like steak and shouldn't require A1 spread across the top like icing. That's just wrong. That doesn't mean that a little sauce on the side is unreasonable, but the sauce should be placed on the side and not on the steak. A good steak should have marbleized fat and a nice thick cut, 1-1/2 inch or thicker. I look for whatever the butcher has fresh and on sale as long as it meets the previous requirements.
Seasoning starts with kosher or sea salt allowed to melt into the fat followed by pepper, onions and garlic. Add a little worcestershire, cover and let marinade for a few hours.
I prefer my steak medium to medium well. I will sear with the grill temp up to 400 degrees until all sides are browned, then offset until it reaches the desired inner pinkness.
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