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-       TRINIDAD RUM PUNCH       -

Trinidad rum punch is always a party favorite. I believe the classic recipe is the best recipe. SOUR, SWEET, STRONG WEAK. This is not a "girly" drink and the rum punch must be respected. It tastes so good you will want to guzzle it down especially during warm summer get togethers, but it should be sipped slowly over ice while limin' as Grandma Dulcie used to say.

The ingredients and recipe are simple:

1 part lemon juice=SOUR

2 parts sugar water=SWEET

3 parts dark rum=STRONG

4 parts water=WEAK

Now follow closely. Start with the amount of rum you plan to use. To make the math simple today we will start with a fifth of dark rum of your choice. I prefer Captain Morgans. That's 750 mL, your 3 part strong ingredient. Now divide your rum total volume by 3. That equals 250 mL. That's your 1 part lemon juice sour ingredient total volume. 2 x 250 mL = 500mL, that's your 2 part sugar water sweet ingredient. Now I have to pause here to tell you how the sugar water is made. Take 1 cup of brown sugar and dissolve in 1 cup of water over low heat. Mearsure out 500 mL once all the sugar has dissolved. Discard the leftover sugar water. Lastly, the weak ingredient. 4 x 250 mL = 1000 mL (1 liter) of water. Therefore the recipe using a fifth of dark rum is:

250 mL lemon juice

500 mL sugar water

750 mL dark rum

1 liter water

Add a few dashes of Angostura bitters. Sprinkle a little citrus zest and nutmeg. Serve over a full glass of ice. Follow these instructions and you will make Grandma Dulcie proud.

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